Pepper Towne Homes 2019 Holiday Light Competition

Winners - 

7899B - 1st Place 

7861H - 2nd Place

7899D - 3rd Place

7839C - Honorable Mention 

The board will be in contact with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners to distribute the gift cards.

Dear Fellow Homeowners,

We are excited to announce Pepper Towne Homes 2019 holiday light competition! Board members will judge on the evening of December 21st and award winners with Yard signs and $100 first prize, $50 second prize, and $25 third prize gift cards. Just like last year board members will not be able to enter the competition. Entry is as easy as decorating your home. Below are the light display guidelines:

  1. Nothing can damage or penetrate the exterior of the building
  2. Lights cannot go beyond the landscaping directly in front of the unit.
  3. Lights cannot go above the eves.
  4. Nothing can be placed on the roof of the unit.
  5. Lights strung to the rain gutters must be hung with rain gutter clips and must not damage the rain gutters.
  6. The board reserves the right not judge/disqualify any display it deems is lewd or inappropriate.
  7. Light displays must be from your unit’s power sources. If the light display is plugged into common area power sources, it will be disconnected when found and immediately disqualified.  
  8. The unit must be a unit within Pepper Townhomes Home Owners Association.
  9. No strobe affect lighting as this can cause issues for homeowners with photosensitive epilepsy.
  10. If your unit has a sound display , it can only be on between sundown and 10:00 PM and not be able to be heard more than 10 feet away from you unit. If you have a neighbor who asks you to turn down your display, please be the good neighbor and respect their request.


Pepper Towne Homes Board of Directors